A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to take part in an interiors photography workshop hosted by everyone's favourite interiors mag Living Etc, and camera maker of the moment, Fujifilm. The half day event was a promotion for the new Fujifilm X-E3 camera, with styling advice from interior stylist Sophie Brown and photography tips from official Fuji photographer Chio Fernandez.

The event was hosted in the most stunning townhouse in London's very fashionable De Beauviour neighbourhood. Amazingly we each had pretty much free reign at the end of the workshop to wander around the house and practice our new found photography skills.

If you're reading this blog post, then you're clearly as much of an interior nut as I am, so I figured it only right to give you a virtual tour of this beautifully decorated home.

First up was the snug, leading from the kitchen. Decorated in a glorious dark, floral wallpaper, I was immediately attracted to this room, being such a fan of dark interiors. As well as the dark walls, there were loads of interesting objects, including a large animal skull. I loved absolutely everything about this room.

Stunning dark and moody snug with brick fireplace in De Beauvoir Townhouse for Living Etc.

Stunning dark, floral wallpaper and animal skull in De Beauvoir Townhouse for Living Etc.

Upstairs, and we moved into a double living room spread across the entire floor and separated with elegant double doors. The front room was a magnificent mid-century monochrome beauty with classic vintage furniture. While next door was an inky blue-grey hued room with yet more curiosities adorning walls and shelves.

Monochrome mid-century living room in De Beauvoir Townhouse for Living Etc.

Inky blue, grey traditional quirky in De Beauvoir Townhouse for Living Etc.

Up another flight of stairs and we reached my favourite room, the master bedroom. I could have spent all day in there! It was another dark room, with walls painted in a deep grey. However this room was prettied up with splashes of on-trend blush pink, and again featured lots of vintage furniture and artwork. I'm a big fan of art, and I really adored this rabbit mask painting. If anyone ever finds out the artist, please let me know, because I adore it!

Gorgeous grey and pink bedroom with vintage furniture and artwork in De Beauvoir Townhouse for Living Etc.

Gorgeous grey and pink bedroom in De Beauvoir Townhouse for Living Etc.

Upstairs to yet another floor was this very cool spare bedroom with graffiti-style artwork painted directly onto the wall. 

Then it was back downstairs to the kitchen for a debrief and a delicious lunch. I couldn't help getting a snap of these amazing vintage style lights and sumptuous button backed upholstered seating.

Cool graffiti artwork wall bedroom in De Beauvoir Townhouse for Living Etc.

Simple white wood panelled kitchen with vintage lights in De Beauvoir Townhouse for Living Etc.

It was a really great and day and I'd highly recommend attending something similar. Even if you're not interested in brushing up your photography skills, having a nosy around a beautifully designed home is surely reason enough?!